Early in 1946, a group of Masons that had moved away from their home lodges began discussing organizing a lodge in Falls Church, VA.  The three leaders in this movement were Charles R. Dale, Reverend Wallace E. Costner, and Reverend Columbus C. Wilson.

The first recorded meeting of the group was on Thursday, June 27, 1946, and was attended by Rev. C.C. Wilson, Rev. W. E. Costner, Messrs. Charles Dale, William Johnson, Frank Tinner, Harold Young, Fredrick Hinson, Zack Kenner, Colbert Hunter, James Johnson, George Hynson, and Charles D. Richardson.  Reverend Henry, of the Little Zion Baptist Church, attended and gave the group instructions on the formation of a Masonic Club.  At this meeting, members elected a president and secretary, Charles R. Dale and Fredrick L. Hinson respectfully; of what would soon become King Tyre Masonic lodge.


The Masonic club held its second meeting on July 10, 1946, with the major item of business being the scheduling of a meeting when the Most Worshipful Grand Master, A. J. Smith, would be present to set up the Lodge.  August 3, 1946, King Tyre would be the Lodge name.  Grand Master A.J. Smith, assisted by Grand Secretary C. V. Wilson, Reverend Henry, and District Deputy Grand Master William Bates set up King Tyre Lodge under Dispensation.  Grand Secretary C. V. Wilson presided at this meeting and 27 men became properly made Master Masons bringing the total membership to 30 men. 

The officers elected were as follows:

Worshipful Master:  Charles R. Dale                         

Senior Warden:  Rev. Columbus C. Wilson        

Junior Warden:  Rev. Wallace E. Costner                    

Secretary:  Fredrick L. Hinson                   

Treasurer:  William Johnson               

Senior Deacon:  George S. Hyson 

Junior Deacon:  J. Sidney Holland 

Senior Steward:  Allan J. Sanders 

Junior Steward:  John Bolling    

Tyler:  Charles D. Richardson   

The original members were Thomas Spencer, Edward Jackson, Stewart McIntyre, Colbert Hunter, Cornelius Taylor, James F. Johnson, Zack Kenner, Arthur Reed, William L. Costner, Samuel K. Murray, Jesse J. Doeskins, Charles Hyson, Percy Gaskins, George C. Owens, William M. Carter, George A. Byrd, Levin R. Boston, Lewis Richardson, George N. Coleman, and Clayton Frye.

King Tyre Lodge under Dispensation held meetings on the first and third Mondays of each month until October 27, 1946.  At which time, newly elected Most Worshipful Grand Master E. A. Norell and Grand Secretary C. V. Wilson, granted a charter empowering the Lodge to operate as King Tyre Lodge No. 292, of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge if Virginia, F & A, M.  District Deputy Grand Master Henry assisted them and Bates consecrated the Lodge in Consecration services held at the Second Baptist Church, Falls Church, Virginia.